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I am an actress, cosplayer, and overall fan. Relatively opinionated on issues relating to Autism Spectrum Disorders and fandom and growing up as a geek. I am inspired by music and art... Love photography.
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Me in the Background of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

So yeah… Pics under cut due to potential Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoilers but hi! I was an extra and a couple of shots with me in them made it past the editing room floor! So I thought I would share.

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-Agents of SHIELD fandom rn

@MoTancharoen @jedwhedon


-Agents of SHIELD fandom rn

@MoTancharoen @jedwhedon

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My sister does not understand how excited I am to see Captain America. Like I’ve literally been counting down the days since I saw the first trailer back in October.

I’ve been counting down since my day on set in June.

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You don’t tell people who got raped to Get over it.

Why tell people with Mental disorders and actually problems to get over it?

If you think that somebody should get over it just because you have it worst than them, I think you should grow up.

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Sebastian Stan gets emotional while talking about his mother…

Anyone know what interview this is from?

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what have i done


better save this post for the mishapocalypse

I’m frankly terrified of the misha collins fandom

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I love Nerd Poker.

art by Lukas Thelin.

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grant gustin+on stage

Grant Gustin at Elon basically. 

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